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We are a boutique interior design studio specializing in designing forever homes with turnkey service. We believe that great design is less about specific styles and more about creating something that will be meaningful and enduring. Our approach to interiors is holistic—prioritizing a space's overall functionality and feel so that, ultimately, it will resonate with the people who call it home.

Charla Ray Interior Design Forever Homes

Full Service Design

Full service interior design is our signature service, and ideal for extensive projects like new construction, renovations, and kitchen and bath remodels. Creating a space that marries beauty and livability takes time, expertise, and skill. We collaborate closely with clients to create a vision for their ideal home. From there, we manage the details and practicalities that will make it a tangible space, allowing the homeowner to focus on their day-to-day life. We work collaboratively with their build team through construction ensuring our design intent is met. This turnkey experience culminates in the final installation as we style every element for real life and welcome them home for the big reveal.

forever home living room

Full Service Furnishing + Styling

We offer furnishing and styling services for homes where the hardspaces are already in place. We add the layers that make a home feel complete, including lighting, wallcoverings, furnishings, window treatments, artwork, and styling accessories. We utilize our trusted network of sources, workrooms, and tradespeople to introduce custom elements that add softness, visual interest, and depth.

Utilizing our trusted network of sources, workrooms, and tradespeople, we procure every element and manage the delivery and installation. 

turnkey service bathroom design

Designer By Your Side

For clients who want to be more hands-on with their home project, we offer access to our advice and expertise in 20-hour blocks. As the title would suggest, our goal is to be a sounding board and resource for suggestions, recommendations, and guidance. These prepaid hours can be used in whatever way makes the most sense for the project, whether that is with hands-on help with styling, in-home meetings, or sourcing.


Our process, like our designs, centers around the individual needs of each client. We offer a seamless and relaxed experience as we manage and refine the details that make up a well-designed home.


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